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Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage -Theodore Roosevelt

Cross your t's and dot your i's.

Before we begin our blissful rendezvous; I'd like to go over a few requirements that ensures our sweet encounter is quite enjoyable, comfortable, and above all, memorable for all parties.

Top-shelf Gentleman

 While I'd love to meet all your needs, respect and polite manners are to be carried in all times and venues.  I will treat you with such and expect the same in return. Extreme vulgar language and offensive behavior will not be tolerated. 

In preparation to meet

Enviable hygiene is mandatory. Be sure to arrive freshly showered, shaved, and minty fresh. Because I appreciate our time together and strive for our engagement to flow smoothly, I hold myself to the same standard and will be impeccably groomed and cleansed as well. If life circumstances happen and extra "personal"  time is needed after our introductions please make me aware for time accommodations.


Donations are to be handled promptly at the beginning of our date. If not presented in the first 5 minutes I will quietly excuse myself. There will be no discussion or negotiations pertaining to donations when meeting. Please be sure to present contributions in an unsealed envelope (preferably $/USD) upon private meet. If in a public meeting space please present in a thank you card, gift bag, or book to be enjoyed later. I may excuse myself to ensure the proper donation is present.

Screening & Deposits

Information shared for screening is to verify you as who you say you are and for my safety. Non negotiable. All new friends are required to be screened. As I value your privacy and discretion I expect the same in return. Personal information is to be valued and not  shared and in the event you require an NDA or privacy policy signed, I will not hesitate.

Screening Methods:

  1.  ID: You may email/upload your drivers license/State ID/Passport/work badge. You may block important information as your address or identification number. Birth year is to be shown. ID will be checked upon meet.

  2. Professional WebsiteYour business website must show a clear photo and matching name. Please submit URL with such information.

  3. LinkedIn page: Submit URL with a public clear photo of yourself. Must be a "matured" LinkedIn page.


 While I strive to arrive in a timely manner, If I'm ever running late I will promptly notify you. Our time together begins the moment we meet. If additional time is craved, please have required donation available. Clients that cancel meets within 24hrs will be required to pay a $200 rebooking fee. If a second cancellation occurs client will be barred from booking again. 

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